Conceiving and implementing a design project is a multi-stage, labour-intensive process which involves the input of different specialists. Every stage of the work we do for our clients is covered by a separate agreement setting forth the range of services to be provided, along with their costs and deadlines. The cost of developing a design project depends on the size of the premises and the complexity of the project.

Design projects
Design project:
from 8 000 ₽ / m2
3+ months

We start from developing a detailed design project — from a measurement plan to 3D visualisation — together with the client. We also prepare a complete set of working blueprints for the building team — the key to bringing your planned project to actuality.


Our work always begins with measurements and photo documentation of the space by our own specialist staff. This is accompanied by an extended meeting with the client at our offices, in order to discuss and establish a brief for the project (technical specifications). Using our look-book pictures featuring style, furnishings, fittings and appliances as a basis for discussion, we decide with the client on how each room in his or her future home will be fitted out, looking at each room separately.

This allows us to work with the most complete and up-to-date information from the very beginning. The brief will help us get to know you better and understand what you need.


The next step is to make a Sketch Design. Here we present the client with several space-planning options, along with sketches and visual collages illustrating the stylistic approach, colour scheme, and ideas for future interiors – mood and concept boards.

It may happen that your project might require replanning permission. Our experienced partners can provide consultation on this matter from the outset, and see the matter through to completion, handling it entirely themselves.


Once the client has approved the Sketch Design, our team will prepare a photo-realistic 3D visualisation of the project according to the selected space-planning option, in which the finishing materials, furniture and lighting are all carefully selected and represented.

You will be able to imagine how your new home will look, and view each of the rooms in your home from several different angles.


A Working Design is created in parallel with the 3D visualisation, and is completed once it is signed off by the client. It includes the complete set of technical documentation (specification blueprints) required to move the project from drawing board to reality.

Your builders will be pleasantly surprised with the accuracy and the level of detail we apply to our drawings.

Once the Design Project is finalised and approved, we can proceed to selecting a building team, requesting a cost estimate for the work and materials — and start your home renovation!

We can suggest a number of highly qualified building teams for you to choose from — or if you prefer, we will collaborate with your own chosen team.

For effective teamwork on projects we use the Basecamp program, which the client for the project can also key into. Using this system, we can do the work promptly and obtain approval for it at all stages, and have online access to all the documentation involved in the project — photographs, blueprints, and visualisations.

Preparing a cost estimate: 2 000 ₽ / m2

Purchasing: 10-15% of the sum of the estimate

This process can save significant amounts of time on the selection and purchase of the necessary materials, furniture items, appliances and décor. It also helps ensure their timely delivery to the site and streamline costs of renovation. We work with a wide number of proven suppliers and contractors, who offer flexible discounts for our clients.

List of works

On-site designer supervision
On-site designer supervision: from 150,000 ₽ per month

This includes a series of services essential for the implementation of the agreed design project, including carrying out high-quality renovation works, coordinating the work of the suppliers and contractors at the site.

List of works

On-site designer supervision

Any further questions?

The initial meeting at our offices is always free of charge. We will answer all questions in detail regarding the development and implementation of the design project, look through the working design folder, discuss phases and deadlines, and the budget of your project.

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